Smudged paints, descriptive points and curves are the gestural elements that I build to illustrate life cycles of human figures, fantasy characters, nature, and plant life. Using oils and acrylics, I create these amalgams of flora and people as a way to observe and capture moments in overlapping cycles of life. I am fascinated by the similarities between people and nature, but equally intrigued by the intersections and collage created as they merge.


Self-taught after having joined a local art group, I look to Baroque and Impressionist works as inspiration. I like the way Baroque artists and sculptors convey religious imagery. In particular, I admire Botticelli’s Primavera, Murillo’s Two Women at a Window, delaTour’s The Fortune Teller. These capture order amid what I often find to be an overwhelming movement of color and gestures. Impressionists have led me to explore explosions of bright colors with emphasis on the warm temperature of yellows, oranges and reds.


In nature, I find floral colors beautiful but more astonishing are the changes, subtleties, separation and asymmetries of the colors. To paint flowers or garden of flowers is exciting for me but lacks animation or movement compared to the subject of people. Facial expression and dynamic gestures catch my attention for their fleeting quality. I always associate and interpret the life cycle of the natural and people. The colors, characters, and expression spark the imagination. They complement each other’s beauty.